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hen a hard-earned harvest of shrimp arrives at Sea Pearl we take great pride in making sure it leaves the plant as the finest shrimp available anywhere–the kind you will remember.

Maybe that’s because Sea Pearl is a family business, nutured with family care and pride since 1966 in the Gulf Coast village of Bayou La Batre, Alabama, where shrimping has long been a way of life. Sea Pearl is owned and operated by people whose knowledge and respect for the industry is rooted in years of working on their own shrimp boats, making a living from the sea.

The simple truth is we care. We care enough about our products to follow strict quality control measures every day to upgrade our plant every year. Sea Pearl has been inspected regularly and continuously since it first opened for business.

processing shrimpWe care about our customers, too. You can depend on our count (you’ll find it’s what we say it is) and you can count on our weight. And if your reputation depends on the freshness of your shrimp, you can depend on Sea Pearl to provide just what you’re looking for.

Delivering the freshest shrimp is our goal, too. If a catch doesn’t meet our standards we won’t process it. It’s as simple as that. When you buy from Sea Pearl, you’re buying from people who know shrimp. And you’re buying from people who work hard every day to provide the kind of top quality shrimp that are in great demand all over the world.

HCCP Badge

Sea Pearl was the first primary seafood processor in the US to be HACCP certified. Sea Pearl is currently both USDC and FDA HACCP certified. From 1977 to present we have been under volunteer USDC inspection. Before that (1966-77) we were under the Department of the Army. Sea Pearl is proud of our quality control measures. It is how we can provide you the best seafood available. We are now proud to announce that we are WASI certified.